2nd Visit to the OB

I went to the OB this Saturday morning for my second checkup. My weight was again taken and obviously because of the lack of appetite, I lost weight. That made me and I think even the OB sad because I lost four pounds when I am supposed to put on extra pounds.

I am twelve weeks pregnant now and when I complained about the lack of appetite and extreme tiredness, the OB said that at 12 weeks, I should at least be getting some relief. Although it is normal for one to experience paglilihi symptoms even up to 14 weeks. She said that if the ill feelings continue beyond 14 weeks, then it will remain up to my 20th week of pregnancy, which I hope not to happen!

My OB tried to listen to my baby’s heartbeat using a device called Doppler but alas, we heard no sound. Made me worried and sad for a while, but the OB assured me that at 12 weeks, no sound of the baby’s heartbeat is normal. I was asked to return after 2 weeks!

I was given a multivitamin for pregnant women, Elivit and a medicine for stomach pains called Maalox. I wish I will feel better soon!

Thank God It’s Friday!

It’s a rather busy day for me today at work because I need to finish a few important things. It doesn’t help that I am so sleepy as my mind try to search for the right word and concepts to use for the marketing brochure and web content of our new product.

But amidst all that, I am happier today than yesterday and the reason is because it’s Friday, the last day of the week, gimik day for some , but for me, it is now just an indication that I am allowed to sleep as much as I want tomorrow--no work and all rest!

It’s already 4 pm now and I’ve finished quite a few tasks at work. I will be out of here soon, I have to go home by myself though as husband has to work overtime. I don’t mind though.

I feel so accomplished that I have finished one workweek (although I was on leave last Monday). As pregnancy at this stage is not a bed of roses for me, completing a day of work has never given me so much sense of accomplishment.

2 and ½ hours

I am at work and I am literally counting the hours before I am finally out of here. As much as I try to fight and deny it, pregnancy really leaves me feeling so tired, weak, and a little dizzy. What’s worse is that my tummy is constantly aching, an ache which I don’t know how to cure as I have no appetite for food. I miss the days when I can eat almost anything with gusto.

I really don’t want to complain because I know that being pregnant is a blessing and I am very grateful for this gift. The fact that a little life is rapidly growing inside me is one of life’s greatest miracles and I am lucky to experience it.

Anyway, I do hope that all this exhaustion and nausea would be gone soon as I am nearing the end of my first trimester. Right now, coming to work everyday is a struggle when all I really want to do is just lie down and either sleep or stare into empty space.

As comfort, family and friends kept reminding me that what I am going through is normal and I will soon outgrow the phase. It’s a good thing that I am scheduled to visit my OB this Saturday and I intend to ask for advice on how to ease my discomforts.

Today is Ash Wednesday too but I don’t think I’ll be able to attend mass as husband had to work overtime and I want to go home as early as possible and rest.

I am usually out of the office by 5:10 pm, but as today is EDSA day, hubby and I were caught in heavy traffic this morning so I was able to time in at 8:39, would go home around 5:45 I guess...

A Visit to the Past

In an effort to ease my discomfort (again) at work today, I decided to give myself a few minutes of break. It is really brave (or lazy) of me to still consider that when I am loaded with deadlines and unfinished articles.

Anyway, one of my favorite pastimes at work is blog hopping. I enjoy reading interesting blogs and in this moment of boredom, I came across the very first blog that I created. I started the blog January of 2006. I managed to maintain the blog for 2 months and I think I would have continued writing there  up to this day if only I did not succumb to the fear that my boss might discover my blog (I blog every morning at the office then).

I am so amused because I just realized that my blog then was indeed interesting enough. Reading my entries made me laugh and made me remember. Since then, I can’t believe how many things have changed ( my priorities, my concerns, my style of writing) but I have no regrets because I think it’s all for the better.

I wish I did not abandon that blog, but decided not to ponder on it too much since I can’t do anything about that now. Anyway, it just made me realize that writing a journal is indeed therapeutic, both at the time when you wrote it and on the years to come when you will revisit it. It makes you look at the same things on different angles, and you realize that you indeed grow and mature. Amidst the monotony of life; there are vast changes and transformation happening. I want to think it’s one enlightening idea for me, (laughs)

Birthday Celebration at the Office

I am one of the birthday celebrants for the month of February at my work and our boss decided to hold the celebration at the office today. They had food delivered at the office around lunchtime and we all shared a delicious meal that consists of a mocha cake from Goldilocks. pansit palabok from Ado’s panciteria ( a favorite at the office but we all prefer their pansit bihon than the palabok), barbecue still from Ado’s ( another favorite), lumpiang shanghai ( still from Ado’s), Andok’s lechon manok, and ice cream ( rocky road flavor). We are a small company, with only 11 employees so the food was more than enough for us. I am grateful for my bosses for the treat. Here’s a picture of my piece of cake.

Only four of my officemates know I am pregnant but the rest are suspecting that I am, so during lunchtime, everyone kept urging me to eat more and they are always quick to give me whatever it is I wanted. It’s quite funny because they are so excited to have a pregnant co-worker.

Nice New Salon!

When I had my haircut the other day, I also had a manicure and pedicure. And I was impressed with the service of the salon my mom recommended. The salon had stylish interiors and the design looks so relaxing. I particularly like the scented candles hanging on the wall and the sinamay curtains. The people are all polite and friendly. While my hair is being done, a staff served me and my mom jasmine tea. I was surprised because I am not used to being served tea at a parlor.

Also, the manicurist have such gentle hands. The seats are huge and I swear I can fall asleep to it. They also offer nail art services which I would like to try next time. We are in a hurry that afternoon because me and my mom had to meet someone so one of the staff decided to give me a pedicure while another works on my hands. I think they are so considerate.

I love my nail polish which is light pink with french tip, looks so natural but cool.
Anyway, I saw this cool site where one can choose nail colors that match their skin tone and nail length. Check it out.

Sleepy Monday

I wasn’t able to get much sleep the night before so today at work, my eyes kept on closing as I try to focus my attention on the SEO video that my boss wanted me to watch. Thankfully, Monday today is not as hectic as before…at least for me. I can’t wait to go home and just lie down. Anyway, to perk me up, I bought chocolate mousse at KFC…decided to treat myself because I am working hard even if I don’t feel like it hehe. :-)

A Much Needed Trip to the Salon!

After the wedding, I keep on saying to my husband and to myself that I will want a new haircut. I wanna cut it short…the intended length is just a little below my chin. You see, I’ve worn my hair long for the past four years or so and whenever friends and family would urged me to try a new hairstyle, I would always says that I first want a major change in my life to go with the new hairdo.

I am also getting tired of the long hairstyle but before I met my husband, I would tell a college friend that I would cut my hair short when I finally have a boyfriend. When I had a boyfriend, it turned out, he wants my hair as it is, so I said that I will just wait after we are engaged.

When the engagement day came, I realized I want my hair long to make it flexible for whatever wedding hairstyle I may fancy. Then the wedding day came and now I am married. I realize I have run out of excuses to cut my hair... But I was so tired and busy after the wedding that it still took me almost a month before heading to the salon.

I went to this new salon near our place my mother recommended and while my hair is being cut, I can’t help but feel a little scared. I guess that’s the way it is when one wears long hair for some time. You can’t help but be attached to it in some way.

Anyway, the haircut was a great decision! The new hairdo made me look younger and fresher and my hair fuller. It was the right length with stylish layers in the ends and side bangs.

Today, at work, everyone is surprised with my new look and I received lots of compliments for it :-)

Valentines Day at the Mall

Valentine’s day was a busy day for me and my husband as we have a couple of errands to do. We don’t mind it though because it is for my sister in Saudi Arabia. We need to buy some stuff for her so my husband and I hit the mall with my mother. A co-worker of my sis is here in the Philippines for a vacation and we will take that opportunity to send some things for my sister. I think this is a common practice among OFWs as I had done this many times for her. Filipinos do that to save money on couriers which may charge too much.

Aside from a few personal stuff, she also wants us to buy her items from SM Kultura shop which she will then sell to co-workers in Saudi. Apparently these cool beaded and ethnic ballpen and id holders are quite a hit among her colleagues.

We first went to SM Megamall but only the ballpen holders are available so we decided to go to SM Mall of Asia. It was lunchtime by then so we decided to eat at Max’s restaurant at Starmall. We shared a delicious lunch that included crispy chicken, barbecue chicken, java rice, caramel treats, macaroni salad, and mango shake which I enjoyed very much. I was so full after lunch. We also ordered buko pandan special but they forgot to serve it so we just let it go since we are already too full to eat another dessert.

Anyway, Max’s restaurant is in tune with the season of hearts as all female customers get to have a free heart-shaped balloon.

Afterwards, we decided to go to SM Mall of Asia and bought the ID holders. There weren’t so many available and I don’t like the styles so much but bought them anyway. After that, we toured the mall a little then went to Razon’s restaurant to have pansit luglug and halo halo. Their halo halo seems to be the bestseller as it was the order of almost all the people there. Razon’s halo halo is indeed refreshing.

As we are already at the Mall of Asia, I kept teasing my husband that we should wait and join Lovapalooza before heading home. My husband did not bite the idea though hehe.

Anyway I noticed so many young couples there, lots of flowers, chocolates and gift stands and so many people wearing red. It was indeed Valentine’s day. Consumers get to feel the love in the air and entrepreneurs get huge profit from their businesses.

Random Things About Me

I just got married last January 17.
I am the youngest in the family.
My husband is two years younger than me but I am the childish one.
I am two months pregnant.
I am excited to see my baby and be a mother.
I am not so fond of drinking milk but I need to drink milk now that I am pregnant for the baby.
My height is 5 feet and 4 inches.
I am an Aquarian.
I have 3 sisters and 2 brothers

Welcome to My New Blog!

Hi! I am not very new to this blogopshere. Actually I have started a number of blogs before and well obviously all of them either died a natural death or were thrown into the land of the unremembered. I am ashamed to say that almost all of them are like junks/scraps in cyberspace now. I need to find time to delete them sometime.

Every time I start a blog, I would vow to nourish and maintain it but would forget that promise when things got pretty hectic in some areas of my life. So now, I don’t wanna make any promise, would just stand and watch how long this blog will last.:-)

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