2nd Visit to the OB

I went to the OB this Saturday morning for my second checkup. My weight was again taken and obviously because of the lack of appetite, I lost weight. That made me and I think even the OB sad because I lost four pounds when I am supposed to put on extra pounds.

I am twelve weeks pregnant now and when I complained about the lack of appetite and extreme tiredness, the OB said that at 12 weeks, I should at least be getting some relief. Although it is normal for one to experience paglilihi symptoms even up to 14 weeks. She said that if the ill feelings continue beyond 14 weeks, then it will remain up to my 20th week of pregnancy, which I hope not to happen!

My OB tried to listen to my baby’s heartbeat using a device called Doppler but alas, we heard no sound. Made me worried and sad for a while, but the OB assured me that at 12 weeks, no sound of the baby’s heartbeat is normal. I was asked to return after 2 weeks!

I was given a multivitamin for pregnant women, Elivit and a medicine for stomach pains called Maalox. I wish I will feel better soon!


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