A Much Needed Trip to the Salon!

After the wedding, I keep on saying to my husband and to myself that I will want a new haircut. I wanna cut it short…the intended length is just a little below my chin. You see, I’ve worn my hair long for the past four years or so and whenever friends and family would urged me to try a new hairstyle, I would always says that I first want a major change in my life to go with the new hairdo.

I am also getting tired of the long hairstyle but before I met my husband, I would tell a college friend that I would cut my hair short when I finally have a boyfriend. When I had a boyfriend, it turned out, he wants my hair as it is, so I said that I will just wait after we are engaged.

When the engagement day came, I realized I want my hair long to make it flexible for whatever wedding hairstyle I may fancy. Then the wedding day came and now I am married. I realize I have run out of excuses to cut my hair... But I was so tired and busy after the wedding that it still took me almost a month before heading to the salon.

I went to this new salon near our place my mother recommended and while my hair is being cut, I can’t help but feel a little scared. I guess that’s the way it is when one wears long hair for some time. You can’t help but be attached to it in some way.

Anyway, the haircut was a great decision! The new hairdo made me look younger and fresher and my hair fuller. It was the right length with stylish layers in the ends and side bangs.

Today, at work, everyone is surprised with my new look and I received lots of compliments for it :-)


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