Birthday Celebration at the Office

I am one of the birthday celebrants for the month of February at my work and our boss decided to hold the celebration at the office today. They had food delivered at the office around lunchtime and we all shared a delicious meal that consists of a mocha cake from Goldilocks. pansit palabok from Ado’s panciteria ( a favorite at the office but we all prefer their pansit bihon than the palabok), barbecue still from Ado’s ( another favorite), lumpiang shanghai ( still from Ado’s), Andok’s lechon manok, and ice cream ( rocky road flavor). We are a small company, with only 11 employees so the food was more than enough for us. I am grateful for my bosses for the treat. Here’s a picture of my piece of cake.

Only four of my officemates know I am pregnant but the rest are suspecting that I am, so during lunchtime, everyone kept urging me to eat more and they are always quick to give me whatever it is I wanted. It’s quite funny because they are so excited to have a pregnant co-worker.


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