Nice New Salon!

When I had my haircut the other day, I also had a manicure and pedicure. And I was impressed with the service of the salon my mom recommended. The salon had stylish interiors and the design looks so relaxing. I particularly like the scented candles hanging on the wall and the sinamay curtains. The people are all polite and friendly. While my hair is being done, a staff served me and my mom jasmine tea. I was surprised because I am not used to being served tea at a parlor.

Also, the manicurist have such gentle hands. The seats are huge and I swear I can fall asleep to it. They also offer nail art services which I would like to try next time. We are in a hurry that afternoon because me and my mom had to meet someone so one of the staff decided to give me a pedicure while another works on my hands. I think they are so considerate.

I love my nail polish which is light pink with french tip, looks so natural but cool.
Anyway, I saw this cool site where one can choose nail colors that match their skin tone and nail length. Check it out.


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