Valentines Day at the Mall

Valentine’s day was a busy day for me and my husband as we have a couple of errands to do. We don’t mind it though because it is for my sister in Saudi Arabia. We need to buy some stuff for her so my husband and I hit the mall with my mother. A co-worker of my sis is here in the Philippines for a vacation and we will take that opportunity to send some things for my sister. I think this is a common practice among OFWs as I had done this many times for her. Filipinos do that to save money on couriers which may charge too much.

Aside from a few personal stuff, she also wants us to buy her items from SM Kultura shop which she will then sell to co-workers in Saudi. Apparently these cool beaded and ethnic ballpen and id holders are quite a hit among her colleagues.

We first went to SM Megamall but only the ballpen holders are available so we decided to go to SM Mall of Asia. It was lunchtime by then so we decided to eat at Max’s restaurant at Starmall. We shared a delicious lunch that included crispy chicken, barbecue chicken, java rice, caramel treats, macaroni salad, and mango shake which I enjoyed very much. I was so full after lunch. We also ordered buko pandan special but they forgot to serve it so we just let it go since we are already too full to eat another dessert.

Anyway, Max’s restaurant is in tune with the season of hearts as all female customers get to have a free heart-shaped balloon.

Afterwards, we decided to go to SM Mall of Asia and bought the ID holders. There weren’t so many available and I don’t like the styles so much but bought them anyway. After that, we toured the mall a little then went to Razon’s restaurant to have pansit luglug and halo halo. Their halo halo seems to be the bestseller as it was the order of almost all the people there. Razon’s halo halo is indeed refreshing.

As we are already at the Mall of Asia, I kept teasing my husband that we should wait and join Lovapalooza before heading home. My husband did not bite the idea though hehe.

Anyway I noticed so many young couples there, lots of flowers, chocolates and gift stands and so many people wearing red. It was indeed Valentine’s day. Consumers get to feel the love in the air and entrepreneurs get huge profit from their businesses.


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