A Visit to the Past

In an effort to ease my discomfort (again) at work today, I decided to give myself a few minutes of break. It is really brave (or lazy) of me to still consider that when I am loaded with deadlines and unfinished articles.

Anyway, one of my favorite pastimes at work is blog hopping. I enjoy reading interesting blogs and in this moment of boredom, I came across the very first blog that I created. I started the blog January of 2006. I managed to maintain the blog for 2 months and I think I would have continued writing there  up to this day if only I did not succumb to the fear that my boss might discover my blog (I blog every morning at the office then).

I am so amused because I just realized that my blog then was indeed interesting enough. Reading my entries made me laugh and made me remember. Since then, I can’t believe how many things have changed ( my priorities, my concerns, my style of writing) but I have no regrets because I think it’s all for the better.

I wish I did not abandon that blog, but decided not to ponder on it too much since I can’t do anything about that now. Anyway, it just made me realize that writing a journal is indeed therapeutic, both at the time when you wrote it and on the years to come when you will revisit it. It makes you look at the same things on different angles, and you realize that you indeed grow and mature. Amidst the monotony of life; there are vast changes and transformation happening. I want to think it’s one enlightening idea for me, (laughs)


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