2 Days Absent

The terrible dry cough left me feeling so bad last Wednesday night that I end up having a slight fever. I am so scared because I know that one must avoid getting sick while pregnant. I still don’t want to drink any kind of medicine so I just covered myself with jacket, thick blankets and socks. My husband also rubbed my face and forehead with a cloth soaked in tap water and alcohol. Luckily, amidst the cold and coughing fits I fell asleep and woke up one hour later in heavy sweat. Thank God, the fever was gone and I felt a little better.

When morning came, I decided to just take a day off from work so I can really recuperate. I spent the day at home being pampered by my mom and aunt. I slept, lazed around, and drank lots of calamansi juice. I really did rest but alas, I still cough a lot that and that left me feeling exhausted.

I really intend to work on Friday but then as I am still feeling tired; I again informed my boss that I can’t go to work. So I missed two days at work, and it was a well-spent and much needed rest. I was able to relax and my husband commented that maybe it will be better if I just quit work…Well, he is right, I am calmer and more relaxed at home of course but I still don’t want to give up my job… at least not now.


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