Baby’s Heartbeat Finally Heard!

My weekend started with a visit to my OB. I am scheduled for a checkup only two weeks after my last visit because my baby’s heartbeat wasn’t heard last time. So I woke up early and went to the hospital with my husband. We have to wait for a while because my OB still wasn’t in when we arrived. I was quite disappointed because as it turned out, I still hadn’t gained a pound when I actually thought I did…I really need to eat more. My tummy is also still small although there’s a little bump already.

Anyway, when my name was called, I am a little worried that my baby’s heartbeat still would not be heard even though the OB said that it is usually during 14 weeks of pregnancy that it can be first heard. I think I am praying hard when my OB tried to listen to the heartbeat using a Doppler. The heartbeat wasn’t heard right away, it was a couple of seconds of trying to locate the baby’s heartbeat and I am so scared during those brief moments…I think I am actually ready to cry which is really paranoid of me. I felt relief and happiness when the OB finally said that it was my baby’s heartbeat we are hearing. We both laughed as the OB joked about me being so serious.

It was nice to hear the assurance from my OB that my baby is okay. I hope I will have an ultrasound next time so I can get a first glimpse of my baby. As for my cough, I wasn’t given any antibiotics because my condition has greatly improved by now. I was only advised to take ascorbic acid and have a lot of rest.

Hearing my baby’s heartbeat for the first time put me in a very good mood the whole day :-)


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