Busy Friday and the Legendary Turon

I woke up feeling refreshed, happy with the thought that it’s already Friday… the last day of my workweek. Fridays have never felt so good to me now that I am pregnant and still suffering from cough and colds…thank God the fever did not return and I guess my condition is improving

However, even if it’s Friday, I can’t take it easy at work because my boss is giving me tasks after tasks. I really don’t want to complain because I see my new and additional tasks (SEO, link building) as a challenge.

In spite of the workload, I still can’t help but procrastinate a little at work, don’t know…really need a breather once in a while especially because some tasks can be boring.

Today at 4pm, I have finished quite a few tasks and still working on others…don’t want to be too stressed out so I take it one at a time.

Anyway, every Friday at the office, my boss buys a simple merienda for all of us. It’s a sweet gesture and we appreciate but for the nth time…it is this too sweet for my taste TURON…. I swear, the first time he bought it; I enjoyed it but now, almost all of my officemates including me grimace at the sight of turon every Friday. We know it’s still free food but our taste buds just got so used to it so much that our system just won’t accept it anymore. I just saved the turon as pasalubong for later hehe. I Good thing, I have a number of snacks to eat.

This turon is getting to be one of the regulars at the office, when I go on maternity leave in August, maybe i will miss it somehow hehe.


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