Filed for SSS Maternity Benefits

It is a busy Monday for me and my husband as we scheduled it for the filing of my maternity notification at SSS. Unfortunately, my office doesn’t have an HR department so I had to take care of it myself (don’t mind it so much). The MAT-1 form can be downloaded at the SSS website, but the one I used was sent to be my friend via email. Had the form printed and filled it out. The instructions were printed at the back of the form. Together with my laboratory pregnancy test result, I had the form signed by my boss. I also prepared the xeroxed copy of my digitized SSS ID.

My husband and I went to SSS Diliman branch this morning, because that is where I applied for an SSS ID. Unfortunately, the SSS system for National Capital Region is decentralized by now so we were asked to go the branch where my employer remits my SSS contributions. In my case, that is the San Juan branch. So from Diliman, we went to SSS San Juan. There were so many people there but none at the maternity section so my form was stamped within seconds I think. I was advised to attach the stamped Mat- 1 form with the Mat-2 form when I give birth.

My husband and I could have filed for a change status and in my case a new digitized ID. However, we were unable to do so because we still don’t have our marriage certificate printed on NSO security paper. What we have is only the one we got from the church where we were married. As we were married only two months ago, we weren’t able to get a certified true copy of our marriage contract at the NSO satellite office. My husband requested a copy at the NSO main branch but it will be released after two weeks. We just have to wait till then before we can submit the SSS E-4 form at the SSS Mandaluyong branch. According to the SSS employee, we should file the change status form at the nearest SSS branch where we currently reside. I really hope SSS system becomes centralized again. The new system is very incovenient for the members.

For those who needs to take care of something at SSS, you can see the complete list of SSS branches here.

For other inquiries, you can also contact the SSS hotline: 9206401.


Dee said...

Hi Mabel.:D

Thanks for this info. Oh, I wish too that SSS becomes centralized again to avoid the hassle of going into several of their offices.

Thanks nga pala for dropping by my blog. Have a great day.:D

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