Pregnancy Superstitions

By reading some pregnancy books and websites, plus listening to tales and advices from my mother, aunts and friends I am amused at some superstitions surrounding pregnancy that I am learning. Here are some of them:

Food cravings can reveal your baby’s gender. They say that if a pregnant woman craves for sweet foods, then she will have a girl. If one craves for salty foods, then she is carrying a boy.

Don’t buy maternity clothes yet. My husband wants us to go shopping for maternity clothes but my mom said that it is not advisable. They said I should wait for the time when almost all of my pre-pregnancy clothes do not fit to avoid bad luck or maybe miscarriage.

Don’t buy baby things yet. Baby items are so cute and it’s so timely that SM is on sale for infant items. But just like with the maternity clothes, it is also not advisable to buy them yet. Patience is a virtue during pregnancy.

Can cause trees to wither. My officemate said that if a pregnant woman took a liking on a fruit-bearing tree, the tree will die a natural death. That is, unless, the pregnant women herself would volunteer to water and care for the tree.

Eat and sleep. Sharing with the food of a pregnant woman can make you sleepy. As a result, most of my officemates are afraid to partake some of my food.

Baby’s Features. They say if I am always irritated and is quite mean to my husband then the baby would look like him, but if I am kind to him then the baby would look a lot more like me.

One of my officemates said that if a baby looks so much like the father, then it means that the mother loves the father so much and vice versa. Don’t quite bite this one. I think it still depends on the genes.


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