Thank God It’s Friday!

It’s a rather busy day for me today at work because I need to finish a few important things. It doesn’t help that I am so sleepy as my mind try to search for the right word and concepts to use for the marketing brochure and web content of our new product.

But amidst all that, I am happier today than yesterday and the reason is because it’s Friday, the last day of the week, gimik day for some , but for me, it is now just an indication that I am allowed to sleep as much as I want tomorrow--no work and all rest!

It’s already 4 pm now and I’ve finished quite a few tasks at work. I will be out of here soon, I have to go home by myself though as husband has to work overtime. I don’t mind though.

I feel so accomplished that I have finished one workweek (although I was on leave last Monday). As pregnancy at this stage is not a bed of roses for me, completing a day of work has never given me so much sense of accomplishment.


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