A Few Tips To Get Organized

I am always struggling to be organized and I admire people who seem so controlled. The challenge to keep everything in order and in its place is one of the things I want to impose on myself. So I was impressed when I saw this article and website that features everyday items you can use to help you reduce clutter and get some stuff in its order.

One of the articles feature how one can get organized using everyday items. These are my favorites:

Coat Rack as Jewelry Holder

I am into accessories so I have lots of earrings, bracelets, and necklaces in my jewelry box. Stored this way, the necklaces though can get rumpled or worse broken so this coat rack would be a nice little thing to add in our room so I can take care of my necklaces better.

Magnetic Clip as Recipe Holder

As I have said before, I am slowly learning how to cook and can’t wait to try out the recipes I saw on the net so this magnetic clip to hold my recipe as I cook is a nice suggestion.

Tissue Box as Grocery Bag Holder

We have lots of plastic bags in our house that we keep and recycle as garbage bag. We store them in a huge old basket in the kitchen and though it is okay, this tissue box as plastic bag holder seems a better alternative, looks classier than the old basket.


astrodeus said...

Thanks also for this tips! ;p

Dee said...

Great tips! I like to be organized too. I can't think when my surroundings aren't organized.

I like the tissue box as grocery bag holder. Very creative and nice invention! :D

peddler of dreams said...

i love your ideas.. i like to also keep things organized...

i use my coat holder as belt organizer... :p

the tissue box idea is the best!


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