I Enjoyed Watchmen The Movie

My husband and I went to SM Mall of Asia I think two weeks ago for a movie date. We intend to watch at IMAX but we are not so interested with the current movies being shown so we opted for the regular cinema instead. We chose Watchmen and it was a good decision. I was hesitant at first because I thought I would not be able to understand and appreciate the plot as it is based on a comic book.

Watchmen is really PG-13 because many scenes are violent and just not appropriate for younger viewers. But it was a great movie for my taste. I have read a lot of bad reviews though.

I also noticed one trend in action movies nowadays. Just like in Kill Bill, soft music is played while a violent act like murder and fights happens. The irony of it makes it unusual, interesting and much more real. I like the opening scene in the movie where the world and US history is displayed comically, amusing and educational in a way.

It is so unlike me to enjoy movies with lots of actions scenes but I find Watchmen very intellectually stimulating and well done. I think it is artistic and the effects and visuals are great. All characters are interesting and they are depicted as much humans as well as superheroes, with flaws and embarrassing past. My favorite characters are Rorschach and Dr. Manhattan. My favorite dialogue was uttered by Rorschach. He said to fellow prisoners: I am not locked in here with you, You are locked in here with me!

The movie is quite long though and there seem to be no climax (at least not so obvious) but the story unfolds nicely and the ending is okay, both sad and happy . Glad to have watched this film.


Heart of Rachel said...

I missed this one. I'm not too interested in it but I think hubby wants to watch it. Maybe we'll watch it when the DVD comes out.

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