Japanese Love Stories

One of my officemate is an anime fanatic and he loves to watch and download all these Japanese anime and movies. He offered to lend me some of the love stories he had downloaded via internet and am grateful because I loved both of them.

The plot of Japanese love stories (unlike many from Pinoy love stories) are very unpredictable. Viewers keep guessing and thinking as the movie progresses.

The title of the first Japanese movie I watched is Sky of Love (Koizura). It turned out to be a touching teenage love story. It stirs all kinds of emotions and as the main characters are high school students, it brings back not so distant memories for me (laughs).
The differences between the Japanese cultures from that of ours are also evident in the film. Some part of the movie can be quite shocking too. Imagine, the female lead, Mika, is a high school freshman when she got pregnant.

While watching it, i felt the love, the excitement, shock, anger, and sadness. In the end, it almost made me cry. For those in search of a good touching love story, I recommend this one. Here’s a youtube video I found.

Tokyo Boy is another Japanese love story I recently watched but it is very different from Sky of Love. It is narrated in two ways, from the point of view of the female lead and the lead guy. The complications brought about by love and split personality disorder is discussed in the film (very original for me). I love Sky of Love more but Tokyo Boy is also okay. As of this moment, I am craving for more Japanese love stories.


Petit said...
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Petit said...

oh i thought Korean movies were the best in love stories. so you've watched it by reading subtitles eh?
thanks for dropping by my site and good luck on breastfeeding.
and sorry about the deleted comment, its full of typos.

Dee said...

I haven't tried Japanese love stories yet but reading this made me curious of them. I'll try them soon. Thanks.

Oh, I have a tag for you. Please get it in my blog. Thanks again.:D

Dentor Padz said...

try Ima Ai Ni Yukimasu (Be With You). You will love it too.

Taiyou No Uta starring YUI. a cool one too.

highly recommended

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