My Brand New Camcorder!

I have a new videocam! Since the start of this year, it has always been my plan to purchase a new gadget and my choice is a camcorder. I think it is a great investment because we will find it very useful in special events, quite appropriate now because we are expecting a baby. Having a video cam will let us record all those special moments. I think that is one of the primary reasons why I want a video cam.

Anyway, the brand of my digicam is canon and since I am satisfied with it, my choice of brand for a camcorder is canon too. We went to SM Appliance Center at the basement of SM megamall first but the choices there are limited so we were advised to go to the SM Appliance Citibank sale at Megatrade Hall 3. I was surprised that there are Canon videocams that are priced as low as 10,000+. The features of that are okay but I realized that that cam would require us to purchase lots of mini tapes which can be more expensive and also inconvenient in the long run.

So we chose Canon DC310 which can automatically record in DVD. It is priced at Php 26,950 and we purchased it via card on six months installment. It can be purchased for as long as 12 months installment but don’t want it that long so settled for the six months instead. Another reason is that purchasing it for 12 months would require me to pay the annual fee of my Citibank card next year and I don’t want that. You see for the last two years of being a member, my card’s annual fee has always been waived!

Here is my new cam!


# 1.07-megapixel CCD (DC330/320)

# 800k pixel (DC310)

# 45x advanced zoom (16:9)

# DIGIC DV II Imaging Processor

# QuickStart

# Real Widescreen recording and large 2.7” LCD

Superb Image Quality

# Large 1. 07-megapixels CCD (DC330/320)/ 800,000-pixels (DC310) with 1/6" sensor for high-resolution image quality.

# Super Spectral Coated Lenses to reduce flare and ghosting.

# Genuine Canon Optics for high definition images with exceptional clarify, contrast and resolution.

# Electronic Image Stabilizer (EIS) automatically detects and accurately compensates camera shakes for crisp sharp images.

# Color Correction Filter gives footages its rich color quality.

Superb Optical Performance

# High magnification power without any image quality deterioration with 45x advanced zoom in 16:9 (widescreen mode) and 46x in 4:3 (standard mode).

# 37x Optical zoom with 2000x digital zoom for greater zooming capability.

# 3 preset variable zoom speed control (SPEED 1/SPEED 2/SPEED 3) and 1 variable speed for greater flexibility and professional style zooming.

I think we made a great purchase and am happy with it! We also got some freebies! For purchase of Canon camcorder series from March 15- May 15 of this year, it comes with a free portable DVD player and a videobag.


Dee said...

That's a nice camcorder! And you got it with freebies too, great! Yes, camcorders are really important to record events in our lives. :D

dhen said...

nice one mabel... you're somewhat techie too.

Heart of Rachel said...

Enjoy your new videocam. Have fun making memories last.

online writer said...

wow, cool! perfect to capture priceless moments. i wish i got one, too, lol!

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