A Post From The Not So Distant Past

I was deleting old files from my pc when I stumbled upon something that I have written last year. I wrote this around October 2008 and I made an effort to write it down because I find it so weird at the time. Please allow me to share an old post:

Weird Nightmares October 5, 2008

Around 5:30 pm, my boyfriend dropped by. He had dinner in the house and we spent quality time with each other. Time passed by so quickly that before we knew it, it's almost 11 pm. It's quite late already so I asked him to spend the night at our house. He can sleep in the sofa and just go home by 5 am so he will not be late for work tomorrow.

My mother agreed as my boyfriend (actually fiancee) is no stranger to us anymore and we will be married in three months time. So I bid my boyfriend goodnight and went upstairs to sleep. He is supposed to call me via my cellphone around 4:30 am when he wakes up so he can go home.

But alas, my cellphone rang around 12:35 am...I thought it was already 4 am and was really surprised when i saw the time on my phone. I was about to fall asleep again when I realized that my boyfriend may want to say something to me so I went downstairs.

I saw my boyfriend fully awake and with a little worried expression on his face. I got concerned so I asked him what’s wrong and he said that he had a really bad nightmare. He dreamed that there are ghosts and monsters in our house. That got me scared and pitied my boyfriend because I know that he has a weak heart when it comes to those things. I hugged him tight as he told the details of his dream to assure him that everything is alright.

In his dream, there seems to be a gathering in our house so there are so many people. Some are his titos and some people he doesn't know. Then suddenly came a great storm then there were monsters and ghosts who want to enter our house. He used all of his strength to locked our door and when my mother saw that he is having a hard time, my mom helped him prevent the entry of unwanted and scary visitors. He also mentioned about seeing some sort of snakes that hid when his titos tried to catch it. He said that the dream seems so real and long that his body got stiff and when he woke up, his lips were so pale and his heart was beating so fast.

Now that is not the really weird part. The really weird part is that we suddenly heard my mother move upstairs so I went to her and guess what---she also had a bad nightmare and my mom's dreams is almost identical to the dream of my boyfriend! Oh God, I am really scared now. The similarities includes gathering in our house as there are so many people; also both of them saw snake. The only difference is my mother saw my father and dead grandmother in the dream. In the dream, my father seems to be angry about something.

I find this really weird because they seemed to have twin dreams and I wonder why my father is angry. And imagine my mom and boyfriend seemed to have dreamed it at the same time- around 12 am...only an hour passed since we bid each other goodnight. Oh god, this is an early Halloween story. My mom, my boyfriend and I end up chatting until 2 am before we decided to sleep again.

Pray before you sleep guys.


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