Quiet and Rainy Tuesday

The rain showers that started yesterday seemed to have calmed everything, the surroundings and the people. I don’t know if that is just my reaction. But rains during summer although it is a reprieve from the sweltering heat of the past weeks always seem weird and out of place to me.

The heat last weekend was too much for me that I end up having a haircut again. Made my hair even shorter, the length is a little below my chin now. I noticed that lately I am attracted to really short but stylish hair. I love the hair of Suzy Entrata of Unang Hirit. I think I will try that look next time. Maybe after I gave birth or after letting my hair grow a little longer which may take a while.

Anyway back to the rain, here at the office the rain seemed to have quieted the place. It seems to have drowned the unending complains of the people that it is so so hot. The weather is gloomy and the color of the afternoon is pale, so in contrast with the blinding brightness and scorching sunshine. Maybe there is energy from the sun’s rays that is washed down with the outpours.

The gloomy weather makes it deal for snoozing which is made worse by the fact that I am having trouble sleeping at night for the past two days…Makes me crave for soup dishes too.

It is quite unusual to have rain with thunderstorms in the month of April and it made me aware that the summer season is almost over. This is quite early this year because summer rains usually happens during the months of May which I always associate with the fact that summer is about to end. Just like before, the first rains of the summer made me a little sad because it represents the passing of the season, like another pleasant visitor that stayed for a while and left lots of memories but now just have to say goodbye. It also reminds me that I haven’t maximize my summer experience this year, because I am pregnant and can’t travel nor stay out of the sun too much.

Well I think the rainy weather made it an ideal time for me to reflect and I realize that raining or not, there is really no reason for me or anyone to feel sad because there are so many beautiful things in this world and I have so many things to be thankful for.


Dee said...

Rain this summer is really weird. I think it has to do with global warming; it's making all these climate changes.

Yes, I agree, there's so many reasons in this world to give thanks for. I like that. :D

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