Used To’s and Want To's

I am a little sleepy now and as I fight the urge to close my eyes and snooze (because I am at work haha); these thoughts came to my mind. I don’t know I just started realizing that there are things I used to do and think that hasn’t been doing/thinking lately. Along with that come the things that I wish to do. Here are some:

I used to write short stories, poems and the like. It would be nice to be creative again.

I used to think I would never get married. How wrong I was (laughs!)

I used to have a very nice handwriting. People are always impressed when they see my handwriting. But now since I type almost everything, I find my fingers a little clumsy when I write and my handwriting is not as nice as before.

There was also a time when I thought I would never earn a degree (I used to be a confuse college student)

I used to be wary of computers and all those high tech stuff. Now I can barely last a day without going online.

I used to worry and wonder why I look so young. (Back when I was 22, people would say I look 15 (that definitely have changed now)

I used to be wary of credit cards.

My Wants

I want to have more time for reading novels.

I want to be really independent.

I want to be a good cook.

I want to be a good wife and mother.

I want my own business.


cpsanti said...

i used to be wary of credit cards too ;-) and yes, i want more time for reading ;-)

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