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The past weeks seems to have gone so fast for me. Before I knew it, I am almost 5 months pregnant, halfway through my pregnancy and getting excited and a little nervous each day. Well not so many things happened as I mostly just stayed at home. Here are some of them:

I am a little anxious because I am suffering from bouts of headache, fatigue and nausea lately. Maybe because of the extreme heat nowadays and it is also my body’s way of telling me to get more rest.

I can’t wait to learn if I am a carrying a boy or a girl. Right now, as we are not yet sure of the gender, we have not started to think of a name yet.

Getting hooked up with some websites like Facebook. It is easy to be addicted with the games. I had a virtual farm and pet there. My pet’s name is Tinkerbell and I always run out of points to buy her cool items. I am also into paid to post forums now. I just tried it and I am earning extra bucks from it.

I am not going to join our company outing this summer. Finally I decided that I am not going to join my officemates in the summer escapades of our office this year. Made me quite sad but I just had to let it go. Me and my baby would rather rest.

I am slowly learning how to cook. Maybe all I need is practice. I have been searching for recipes on the net and trying it out myself (with the help of my husband). So far so good, far from perfect but it’s a start. I prepared tuna and mushroom spaghetti and chicken afritada. I love the spaghetti and the chicken is okay. I wish I will learn to cook more dishes.

I have two new credit cards. These credit card companies keep calling me to offer new cards for free and without the need for me to apply and submit documents so I just accepted it. It’s a good thing that I am not really a compulsive shopper.

I have been wearing dresses and skirt to work almost everyday. I used to wear jeans everyday so it’s a new thing for me. As a consolation, I get lots of compliment about how cute my outfits are.

Late this week, I started to feel hunger pangs I think almost every hour. So unlike the previous months when I have no appetite. Now, I feel like I can eat a horse ( laughs). Saw this as a good sign.

Finally this weekend is quiet and a little lonely for me because my husband is required to attend a team building activity in his office. He will be away for two days and that just feel like forever (okay I am exaggerating hehe).


rica said...


Some of my friends told me how they were changed mentally and physically during their pregnancy. I’ve never experienced it, but as a woman, I can imagine how you feel now.

Your husband will definitely come back to you soon! Don’t feel lonely! :)

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