How to Have a Healthy Self Image

My boss who is a Christian invites a pastor once a month to conduct a bible study class for us. It was one bonding activity in the workplace and we like the new pastor as his lectures contains ways on how we can apply the teachings in our daily lives. Our first lesson tackled ways on how to have a healthy self image.

Let me share with you the 12 steps:

  1. Believe that you are unique and valuable
  2. Improve your outward appearance
  3. Be inspired by stories of successful people
  4. Get a regular dose of God’s word.
  5. Build confidence by succeeding in little things first.
  6. Be cheerful always.
  7. Regularly do acts of kindness.
  8. Surround yourself with positive people
  9. Focus on building your strengths
  10. Avoid things that lead to bad habits.
  11. Learn new things regularly.
  12. Turn your fears into power.


Lucrecio Emerito said...

That's a great activity your boss sets up.

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