I Attended the 5th Blogging Summit

This is quite a late post (had to deal with extra workload and bad internet connection lately).

I attended the 5th blogging summit last Saturday with my friend, Andy. Andy and I decided to go to the summit just the morning of the event. Andy had nowhere to go to that day and I don’t want to stay at home with nothing to do (husband has to work). Luckily I was feeling fine that Saturday so before heading to his workplace, my husband accompanied me to UP Diliman where I met Andy.

Just like the 4th blogging summit (I was also present), the event was very well-organized. I am happy to see the persons behind the blogs that I enjoy reading. Andy who was a first timer was impressed with the seminar and seems grateful that I told her about it. Well we were only there for the morning session because I had to accompany my mom to the bank later that day.

Nevertheless, I was able to pick up valuable blogging tips and lessons. Here are some of them:

A blog is an expression of yourself so write what you want and be true!

As for blog ethics, there are no rules really. Blogging is all about taking responsibility.

As bloggers, we must strive to create value.

Don’t get distracted with the reasons why you started blogging in the first place. Don’t get lost with the fact that a blog is a money making venture.

On blog promotion and traffic generation:
Work on your expertise.
Look for related fields.
Know your audience.
Keep your reputation clean.

The blogging summit is a cool and meaningful event. I admire and appreciate the organizers, speakers, and volunteers. I think I will still be present next year and hopefully will finally be able to attend the blog party by then.


Lucrecio Emerito said...

Those are great tips. Thanks, ma'am Mabel.

karmi said...

Dear Mabel, thanks for sharing these great tips with us and thanks for your message on my blog. I just saw it today. Have a good weekend!

Dee said...

They're very helpful tips! Thanks for sharing. :D

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