To Rent or Not to Rent

My husband and I were married last January yet up to now we are still living in my mother’s place. We have purchase a rent to own house and lot in Cavite but the earliest time we can move in there is early next year.

Renting our own place was not discussed before we were married because we are expected to stay here. You see I am the youngest in the family and for many years, it is only me and my mother who are staying in the house. My father died 12 years ago due to a kidney disease and my siblings are either married, living independently or staying overseas. It was a good thing when an aunt decided to stay with us so my mother doesn’t have to feel so bored and alone in the house when I am out working or spending time with my friends.

As a married couple, staying here is the best and most comfortable option for us. Among other things, we don’t have to worry about dividing household chores as my mom loves to cook and my aunt loves doing household chores. We always insist on helping with the chores but we are nevertheless pampered as a couple. We also get to save lots of money as we don’t have to worry about rent or electricity bills. Of course we are grateful but there are times when I felt that we don’t get to be independent this way.

Because of this, my husband and I considered renting an apartment near our workplace so we get to be independent and all. We have actually checked out some place and inquired the rates. Well most are either nice but too expensive or affordable but comes with a little nuisance.

However, we also know that moving out would offend my mother and aunt. It is also not a wise decision now that I am pregnant. We can use the rent money for other more important things.

So after much thinking and searching, we finally decided to stay here until our house in Cavite is ready. We realized we should just be thankful for this privilege we have as a newly married couple and savor it.


Lucrecio Emerito said...

Cavite is a nice place. It's also a good idea, I think, to stay with them for a while so that they won't feel left behind all of a sudden.

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