What Changes After the Wedding?

It was so soon after being married when I learned that I was pregnant that I barely have time to reflect about this new stage in my life. My new status is just creeping into my system just lately. I think it is partly because the excitement just suddenly turned to the growing baby inside me. Don’t get me wrong, my husband and I are so happy when we learned that I was pregnant (especially because I am not so young anymore) but we were just preoccupied with the thoughts of how to cope with it along with all our plans and dreams.

Well lately I’ve been thinking if marriage has changed me and I can say that it is slowly changing me and all is for the better. Among other things, my surname has changed. Up to now I always forget to use my new surname. It’s hard to just suddenly drop the surname you have been using all your life.

My single friends warned that I might discover some unpleasant things with my husband when we are already living under one roof…and they’ve been inquiring me about it lately. Honestly, if there’s any change, our relationship becomes stronger and better. If my husband was a great boyfriend, he turned out to be a wonderful husband. I on the other hand are struggling to be a good wife…I am still learning the ropes and it’s not so easy as I am not so used to doing household chores. As a single woman, I don’t cook, don’t do my laundry, don’t do anything really. Well I have no intention of turning to be a domestic goddess but I want to at least be knowledgeable and skilled when it comes to this area.

So far marriage has been what I’ve been hoping for and it doesn’t mean that everything has been rosy and perfect. Based from what I remember on a newspaper article before, here are a few guidelines on how to have a happy married life:

Watch the words you used (and the tone of your voice)when talking to and about your spouse. It shows how much you respect each other.

Give each other presents. This will help keep the romance alive and will show how much you appreciate each other.

Be patient with each other. Everybody commit mistakes but no ones like being blamed for it so allow your spouse to create minor mistakes and forgive. So you will also be forgiven when it is your fault.


cpsanti said...

posts like these make me smile ;-) when the love is strong, everyday is just like an adventure, and you fall in love all over again. cheers!

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