HSBC’s Promo: LCD TV

HSBC offered me another credit card 2 months ago and I accepted it. It comes with the MYScreen LCD TV promo that can be purchased with a 50% discount on an installment basis. I don’t want to avail it at first because I am not so sure of the brand quality and is quite hesitant because we had to purchase it via card on an 18 month-installment basis. That is too long for me.

Anyway after much thought, we finally purchased it. We are slowly purchasing furniture and appliances we can use when we finally moved to our new house. So far, the LCD TV is okay and now sits comfortably in our living room. Have no complains except for its noticeably poor audio. We still had to buy a speaker so the sound will be clearer and more audible. My husband plans to buy a CPU and keyboard so we can use it as PC monitor as well. I bet it will make a nice screen for games.


spinninglovelydays said...

Hi! Your link is up. Enjoy your new LCD TV. :)

Veronica Lee said...

Hi, I'm visiting from MBC. Great blog

Dee said...

Hi Mabel! :)

Funny thing is we just bought an LCD TV too. And we also noticed the poor audio quality! We even thought about returning it back to the store because we can hardly ever hear what's being said when we're watching a show or a film. My husband thought, though, that it must be because it's so flat that the manufacturers really cannot incorporate a good speaker on it (because good speakers daw need to have space). We didn't return it naman, hehe. We're just using another speaker. We can hear the sound better now.

And, another funny thing is my husband plans to use it too as a computer monitor, haha.

A lot of coincidences for us here. :D

Take care! :D

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