In Anticipation

I am bored at work yesterday and a little sleepy so I decided to browse and read interesting articles on the net to perk me up. I came across a site that features birth stories of different women- how it happened, how they felt, etc.

Of course, I find them interesting, but because I have always been an engrossed reader- one that gets lost in the words of a book or essay- I kind of also felt the intense pain and suddenly can’t continue reading anymore. Just thinking that I am soon to experience all that almost made me dizzy- oh I wish I can lie but it really got me scared.

But instead of concentrating on the hardships, I decided to focus on the positive aspect. You know, thinking how painful it would feel would not do me any good. All the stories there have a happy ending and I am amazed that all moms actually want to go through the pain again just to experience the joy they felt upon seeing their baby.

So fortunately, the feeling of dread was replaced with the thought that I am about to experience one of life’s greatest mysteries. I just have to be strong. I also need the support of my loved ones and of course lots and lots of prayers 


spinninglovelydays said...

Hi, Mela. My pain was great, but was absolutely nothing compared to what I gained. To be able to experience childbirth is a blessing like no other. :)

Btw, I signed up with Adgitize under your referral link. How do you find the program?

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