It Feels Great To Be A Winner

My boss ran a domain name contest office in the office a few months ago. It is for a new site we will launch this year and of course everyone submitted their entries with excitement and hope that their entry will win. There was voting and the like and then after everything --- guess who emerges as the winner- who else but me!!!

My boss announced it last Friday and wow that was a nice way to end a workweek that started with heavy rains and me feeling sick. (I wasn’t able to go to work last Monday).

I am so happy not only because I can use the extra cash but also because it really feels nice to be a winner. It’s not a very hard contest I know especially because I am supposed to be the writer in the office and we are not really that many, but hey, it’s great to feel that lady luck smiled on my side. Especially because it was the second round of domain name contest in the office and I am also the winner last year!

As expected, all of my officemates are urging me to give them a treat. Well they don’t have to beg too much. I am feeling happy and generous and want to share the blessing. I will gladly treat them when I get the prize.


Lucrecio Emerito said...

Congratulations. Creativity is a gift and I think you have it. That's why you won the contest twice already. It takes creativity to come up with something nice and catchy. Cheers.

spinninglovelydays said...

Congratulations, Mela! Hey, are you down with a link exchange? Let me know if you're for it and I'll add your blog to my list. :)

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