A Site for Proud Mommies

I discovered this site for moms last month- MomCenter. I decided to register because I think it will give me useful information about parenting and the like. It is also nice to interact with fellow mothers out there. To my surprise, weeks after being a member, I received an invitation for a free dinner at I-Repulik resto in Tomas Morato. Apparently I was invited because I am one of the active members of the site. So last Friday night (May 29), I went to I-Republik and shared a delicious dinner with other members. We talked about the site, what we want to see from it, and others. It was nice to meet Mariel, Ramine, her sister Raj, and Ivy of Spinning Lovely Days.

As an expectant mom, I find it great to get to know mothers like them who seem so proud of their children. As reward for attending, Nikki, the editor of Mom Center also gave each of us a voucher for a free protein hair treatment at Azta Urban Salon. I thank my husband for accompanying me at this event and for waiting patiently at the adjacent resto while I spend time with MomCenter members.


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