Visit an Art Gallery

I took an arts and humanities subject back in college and I really enjoyed that class. The professor was great and I learned a lot from her- made me appreciate art more. One of our class activities back then was visiting art museums and. She would made us look at the art pieces, made us choose the best painting for us then let us interpret and draw it too.

The drawing part was a challenge because I am not a great artist- but I was surprised because I was able to do it and I even earned a grade of 1 for that! I

I was so proud of that art work then and whenever I remember that, it made me want to visit art galleries again.

I miss visiting an art gallery because art calms me and the beauty of the masterpieces as well as superb talent of the artists made me appreciate life more. Such is the works of a great artist named Dino Rosin. His works are featured in a full service art gallery in Los Angeles. This art gallery also offers paintings to the public at dealer prices. If only I have the money and resources, I would gladly visit this art gallery and even purchase some art pieces. It would surely be great experience.


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