Abdominal and Back Pains

I don’t feel so good at the office right now- it is because of this intense burning pain in my upper abdomen. This has been bothering me for weeks now. The weight of my belly is also giving me backaches that make even sitting uncomfortable. I also have numerous tasks to finish and a meeting to attend to later.

I am just so uncomfortable right now- that I find myself counting the hours until I am out of here again. Just like in my first trimester- I can’t wait to go home and rest.

Well I try to relax by procrastinating a little. I googled upper abdominal back pain during pregnancy and got some insights. Some comforted me while most stressed me out-some say it is caused by a stretching ligament, or may be a symptom of eclampsia or appendicitis, etc.

Well, what’s clear is that it is not something I should ignore. I need rest so I am going to sleep early tonight and will consult this with my OB on my next visit this Saturday. By the way, here’s a link to an interesting blg post and discussion I found no the net about upper abdominal back pain during pregnancy:


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