Fetal Kick Count Chart Starts Today

My OB said that one way to know that my baby is healthy and fine inside my womb is to take note of the movements. She said movements indicate that she is doing fine.

Apparently there are two common ways to record fetal kicks. One is Cardiff Count to Ten Method. This is an 8 to 12 hour period that records at least ten of your baby’s movement. The time you choose depends on when you think your baby is most active. The baby can be more active in the evening or a few hours after a meal. If your baby has 10 movements within a 12 hour period, then baby is in good health. One must chart at the same time everyday.

Second, is the One to Two Hours Method. This is done while lying down on your left side for 30 minutes after eating without distractions. After an evening meal might be ideal time to record. Baby should move 10 times within an hour to 75 minutes.

Here are some tips on counting fetal kicks:
• Wait until 28 weeks before beginning this testing.
• Prepare your chart = time of day on the left and days of the week on top.
• Choose a time of day your baby is most active.
• Ask your doctor or midwife for variations of testing.

Using the 1-2 hour method, I am starting to record fetal kicks today and I am using this chart:


Dee said...

This is very nice!

I didn't know about this when I was pregnant so I haven't done it. Sayang, hehe.

This is really nice. It's a nice way to cherish one's pregnancy. :)

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