Happy Birthday Honey!

My husband is celebrating his birthday today. We both have work so we will celebrate it tomorrow at home. I was a little worried these past few days because I don’t know how I can give him a gift. You see, he is always with me now wherever I go so I have no way to go to a mall secretly and purchased him a gift. Good thing is that an officemate offered me an avon brochure and that is where I chose a gift for him—a hand massager. It is a simple gift and I will give it to him later. Hope he likes it.


Lucrecio Emerito said...

Happy birthday to your husband.

spinninglovelydays said...

Hey, happy birthday to your hubby. :)

And, btw, shushshshshsh ;-p HAHAHAHA (let me know if you don't get it)

Dee said...

Happy birthday to your husband! God bless!

I'm sure he'll love your gift. :)

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