Plans For Our Future Home

My husband received a call from the real estate developer of the house and lot we purchased in Cavite to inform him that we can already move into the house next month. We only need to submit a few more documents and sign some papers then we are free to do what we want with it. We are glad about this news although moving in is not our priority as of the moment. Our first plan is for the construction of our home to further improve it. There are a lot of work to do and of course we need lots of funds too (lol).

We have many plans for the house like my husband wants two bathrooms while I want a nice cozy living room. A terrace would also be a welcome addition. I also want a big and inviting kitchen with stainless sinks because it looks clean and gorgeous. I recommend this kind of sink to all who are currently constructing or renovating their kitchen areas because using it has many advantages such as being more affordable and durable. It also matches well with almost all kitchen decor styles. Good thing that undermount stainless steel kitchen sinks and bar sinks are readily available at


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