Taking It Easy

I am absent at work for four whole days this month including this Monday. I have used up all of my sick and vacation leaves and even offset privileges so that would mean four whole days without pay- almost a week’s worth of work to be deducted from my salary. I am quite upset because that is so far the most number of days that I missed work since I became an employee. I also hate missing work because I always find myself loaded with more task upon coming back at the office,

Well, there are various reasons why I had to miss work- the bad weather, me feeling so tired and sleepy in the morning and inability to hire a taxicab to take us to work. Some taxi drivers can be so choosy and demanding. So we really hope we can buy a car soon.

Anyway, on second thought maybe the days to rest are a blessing in disguise. At least for this month, I am able to take it easy. This is also probably good for my baby so I want to stop getting upset about it anymore.


Dee said...

Yes, just take it easy, Mabel! Enjoy your rest to the fullest. It's really nice to take a rest every now and then. And especially in your condition. Don't worry about work - it'll still be there when you get back. :)

chubskulit said...

di ba namomonetize ang vacation leave nyo?

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