Two Great Movies

I spent last weekend at home just watching movies via DVD. I wanted to go malling and watch in a cinema but my husband wants me to rest. Anyway, I saw two great films: Crash and North Country. I was hesitant to watch them at first because I wanted something light and funny. But since there isn’t any new dvd’s at home, I settled on what’s available and fortunately I wasn’t disappointed. True enough, the two movies have serious themes but confronts real issues in society. I recommend these two flicks because both are eye openers and after watching it, you’ll find yourself more aware of yourself, your fellowmen and the society you live in.


This movie deals with racial discrimination and how our failure to see each other as equals affect our judgment and decisions. With Sandra Bullock, Brendan Fraser, Ryan Phillipe, etc. the movie boast of a powerhouse cast.

North Country

Based on a true story, it deals with gender related issues specifically in the workplace. It shows the abuse and disadvantages women experience if placed in a territory that men dominates. Great acting from Charlize Thezron.


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