Funky Feet Not-Quite-Shoes

As we are already shopping things for the baby now, I am checking out some online sites where I can buy nice stuff for my daughter. This is because I can’t find the time and sometimes the stamina to roam around in malls. My husband is responsible for shopping at the malls, while I browse online sites for other things we need. Anyway, I saw this nice site that offer cool stuff for moms and babies-

I love the funky feet socks apparently baby are not supposed to wear shoes yet as it will not allow feet to grow naturally. But of course we still want our babies to look their best so comes the Funky Feet Not-Quite-Shoes- baby socks that look like shoes. It is said to be made from imported cotton and the closest your baby can get to barefoot comfort while completing their cool-enough-to-be-designer-duds look! I find it trendy and affordable so I filled up a mix and match order form. One box cost Php 500 plus the shipping cost of php50.


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