Load Up With Calcium-Rich Foods

Since I was a child, I am really not into milk. The taste makes me puke sometimes. But I need to drink lots of milk now that I am pregnant to make sure that my baby and I are getting enough of this nutrient necessary for stronger bones. Well, I can’t say that I followed the 2 glasses of milk a day that the OB advised. There are days when I skipped a drink or two and just settle on the caltrate plus supplement. I also make sure to eat foods rich in calcium like fruits and vegetables. Especially now that my day of giving birth is drawing near. Here are some foods to eat besides milk that will give one the recommended 1000 mg. of daily calcium needs:

½ cup of macaroni cheese- 180 grams of calcium

1 grille cheese sandwich- 371 grams of calcium

1 medium papaya- 73 mg. of calcium

1 cup of broccoli – 90 mg. of calcium

1 slice of cheese pizza – 180 mg. of calcium

8 medium canned sardines- 370 mg. of calcium

1 cup of orange juice with added calcium- 300 mg. of calcium

1 cup of yoghurt- 450 mg. of calcium

½ cup of chocolate pudding- 150 mg. of calcium


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