Sleep and Poetry

I am having difficulty sleeping tonight. My eyes and mind just won’t shut off although I am really tired already. Part of the reason is because I find it hard to find the best position that my baby and I would find comfortable. In the quest to reach slumber mode, I stumbled upon an excerpt of this wonderful poem that I would like to share to the rest.

Sleep and Poetry
By: John Keats

What is more tranquil than a musk rose blowing?
In a green island, far from anyone’s knowing?
More healthful than the leafiness of dales?
More secret than a nest of nightingales?
More serene than Cordelia’s countenance?
More full of visions than a high romance?
What but thee sleep, Soft closer of our eyes!
Low murmurer of tender lullabies!
Light hover around our happy pillows!
Wreather of poppy buds, and weeping willows


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