This song is ringing in my head

This song seems to have a magnetic appeal. I first heard it sang by Bea Alonzo in a Wowowee show one Saturday. Then one of my officemates began singing it over and over unconsciously- a bad case of last song syndrome (laughs). Then my husband after hearing it played in a radio once also started singing it. Now, I think I am also catching the bug; I can’t help but be amused. I was surprised to learn that it was a Korean song and sang by a Korean group. Well a little research on the net gave me the following info:

Nobody is a Wonder Girls song produced by Park Jin-young. Released as a digital single on September 22, 2008, the song became popular within hours, becoming a top search term and ranking #1 on digital music sites. The Wonder Girls are a South Korean girl group.

Here’s a video of this popular song:


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