An Almost Painless Labor

I am the type of person who shuns doctors and hospitals so it is quite a surprise that in the labor room, I felt so calm. Of course there was a slight moment of panic when I entered the labor room and I realized that my husband and mom cannot accompany me there but I quickly reminded myself to be strong.

When I lied down on the hospital bed, I felt fear again and wonder why I can’t be with my husband or mom at this important time. But when the nurse did an interview, I started to feel comfortable. It really helps that the nurses and other medical staff are all smiling and nice.

There was another pregnant woman in the other bed when I arrived and I smiled at her but she seems to be in so much pain that she can’t respond. She constantly cries and begs for relief. I felt pity for her although her cries bothered me.

For almost 7 hours, I am stuck at 5 cm but can you believe that I felt no pain at all. I am really anticipating pain and actually praying for it when I realized that I am not progressing but I did not experience it. Either I have such a high tolerance for pain or the anesthesia really get into me. I would like to think that my baby is so considerate and kind. But alas the pain started after the operation and until now, I am still in the healing process.


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