My Birth Story

I am writing this post 13 days after giving birth but everything is still fresh in my mind. Looking back, my birth story is something that I never expected. Maybe it is right to say that everything that happened that day was a surprise.

I woke up early the morning of September 5, although I barely slept the night before because I am scheduled to have a check up with my OB. It will be my mom who will accompany me to the hospital because my husband had to work on a Saturday.

Since the night before and a few days before that, I noticed that the white mens discharge is getting heavier. That morning, when I went to the cr to pee, I noticed pinkish mucus but thought it was not blood so I just ignored it. I ate a hearty breakfast and around 9:30, my mom and I went to the hospital while my husband went to his office.

At the hospital, my OB did an IE as I am already 39 weeks pregnant and that’s when she found out that I am already 3 cm dilated. I am feeling no pain, just a slight discomfort but I am already in labor. So my supposed checkup turned out to be the day for me to give birth. That surprised, scared and excited me. She immediately called my mom to explain my condition and the birth procedure. She said that I am supposed to progress to 1 cm dilation every hour so I assume that I would deliver around 4 or 5 in the afternoon. She wants us to go straight to the delivery room but since my house is only minutes away, I said I would like to go home first.

At home, I managed to have a quick warm shower and gather all of the things that we need to bring and called my husband. My husband went home and when he arrived, we went to the hospital.

I am praying when I went to the labor room but I am so calm and ready. The nurses are all nice and at 1:30, they said I am already 5cm dilated. They all said I am progressing pretty fast and I will soon give birth as they also think that the baby is not that big.

Around 3pm, another IE, I am still feeling no pain and I am still 5cm dilated. At 5:30, my OB arrived and still I am 5cm dilated—my baby seemed to be asleep.

At 6pm, pm, I was surprised when my OB asked if I want to discuss things with my husband because at 7pm, if I am still at 5cm, then the next best option is for me to deliver via C-section. That alarmed me because from the start, I really want to give birth the normal way. I asked if I can wait for another hour and my OB said okay.

The OB and the nurses are all wondering why I am still feeling no pain. This time, I am already praying for pain if that would be the sign that i would soon give birth. But alas at 7 pm, there is no improvement and I had to talk to my husband via phone while my mother went to the labor room to talk to me and see how I am doing. We said we want to wait for another hour. At 8 pm, I am still at 5cm and I was transferred to the operating room. We made a decision because my OB said that the more the labor hours are prolonged, the chance for successful delivery become slim.

So that’s how I gave birth--via caesarian section which is totally unexpected and at some point made me so sad. But there is probably a reason why I end up giving birth that way. Besides what is important is that my baby is fine and healthy and so am I.


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