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Jewelries Up for Grabs!

Hi guys, I am joining a contest for bloggers for the first time and wish I am lucky enough to win because I love the prizes- pretty jewelries! Take a look at these nice pieces here:

The giveaway contest is sponsored by Notes From the Tooth Fairy and winners get to pick an item from the two shops: Ten Things and FriedaSophie.

From this week until Nov 8, 2009, there will be one winner per week so joining now means you will have more chances of winning. To know more about this contest and to submit an entry, click here.

I Have A Getting to Know Me Award!

I would like to thank Jac of Mom’s Special Diary for giving me a special award. Thanks for making me feel that you want to get to know me, I really appreciate this.

This award comes with a tag of telling your five things you love to do & passing it to 5 friends.

5 Things I Love

I love to read--from novels to essays to books to magazines.
I love children, love playing with them and teaching them lessons. Being around them makes me feel young all over.
I love watching romantic movies.
I love giving gifts to my loved ones.
I love listening to relaxing music.

I'd like to pass this award to:

Eden of MsTeenyBopper
Ivy of Spinning Lovely Days
Leah Of Pinoy Techie Mom
Red Amethyst of Simple Pero Rock
GeneJosh of Her and History

Questions In My Head

My baby is now 1 month old and so far she is happy and healthy. But me and my husband are still adjusting to the new responsibility. I am the youngest in the family so I am not used to taking care of someone so young. At first I am afraid to carry my baby as she seems so tiny and delicate especially because I am still recuperating from the caesarian operation.

Aside from that, I guess the way of taking care of the baby has changed a lot since I was little. This is because most of the time, what the doctors says and what my aunt and my mom says contradicts and sometimes I am confused on who should I listen to. Of course, most of the time I would listen to the doctor but I also consider what my elders say.

I am a feeling a little sad now and I hate it. This is because sometimes I feel like I am so inadequate as a mother and I am afraid that everything I do is wrong. I feel a little unsure f everything and there are times when I feel neglected too. I hope that I snap out of this blue mood soon so I can be a good mother to my daughter. I want her to grow up healthy, happy and surrounded with so much love. I pray that God will help me achieve this aim.

Download Files Easily!

One of the coolest things about internet is the loads of free stuff one can get from it. Now many people use the net to download the latest music or watch hit movies. But of course, to get real advantage of the net, one must know the right place to look for it and this is where Rapidshare comes in. Rapidshare Search is very useful for people who need to download files because it has an extensive database of different available for everyone. Others may thinks that the huge number of files available (over a million) may make it difficult for searching but Rapidshare makes sure that users will not have a problem with searching, with he creation of a special search engine: . So if you need to download something, I suggest you visit now!

Sophie is 1-Month Old!

My baby turned 1-month old last October 5 so we prepared some food to celebrate it. Her guests are my two pamangkins, my sister in-law and some neighbors. My aunt cooked carbonara which is really her specialty because it tastes so good while my mother prepared macaroni salad. For the children, we also had some ice cream. It was a nice day and again I thank God for this wonderful blessing. Hope He will help us take good care of our little princess. Here’s a pic of Sophie at 1 month:

Another Favorite Song of Mine

I discovered lots of great love songs when I am preparing for my wedding and again, I want to share it here. I really like this song from the rhythms, the beat and the lyrics. It is like a lyrical poem for me and I would really be flattered if someone would dedicate this song to me. I used to listen to this song over and over and I can’t get enough of it. I wasn’t able to use this song for my wedding though because I can’t find any cd of this song nor any sites where I can download it. Anyway, to those who are searching for nice songs to use for their wedding, I recommend this song.

Lovely by Michelle Tumes

You're the sweet dreams that soothe me
When I can't fall asleep
You're the field in the middle of the city
When I'm rushing by at the speed of light
You're the strong resolution when I find no peace
You're the church bells ringing in the evening
When all is quiet You whisper comfort
That lifts my heart
I get so weak

You're lovely, lovely
You're the center of my universe
A thousand times I look around me and I find
You're lovely, lovely
You're the center of my universe
A million ways could not explain
You're lovely

You're the soft words that touch me
When I just can't speak
You're the breeze on the ocean in the morning
Reminding me to greet the day
You're the flowers I remember seeing in Italy
Colors through a golden haze
Bright and radiant, soft and fragrant
In the noon day sun, it makes me sing

I understand there may be grief
And there may be pain
But I'm aware You blind the darkness
With Who You are

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