Another Favorite Song of Mine

I discovered lots of great love songs when I am preparing for my wedding and again, I want to share it here. I really like this song from the rhythms, the beat and the lyrics. It is like a lyrical poem for me and I would really be flattered if someone would dedicate this song to me. I used to listen to this song over and over and I can’t get enough of it. I wasn’t able to use this song for my wedding though because I can’t find any cd of this song nor any sites where I can download it. Anyway, to those who are searching for nice songs to use for their wedding, I recommend this song.

Lovely by Michelle Tumes

You're the sweet dreams that soothe me
When I can't fall asleep
You're the field in the middle of the city
When I'm rushing by at the speed of light
You're the strong resolution when I find no peace
You're the church bells ringing in the evening
When all is quiet You whisper comfort
That lifts my heart
I get so weak

You're lovely, lovely
You're the center of my universe
A thousand times I look around me and I find
You're lovely, lovely
You're the center of my universe
A million ways could not explain
You're lovely

You're the soft words that touch me
When I just can't speak
You're the breeze on the ocean in the morning
Reminding me to greet the day
You're the flowers I remember seeing in Italy
Colors through a golden haze
Bright and radiant, soft and fragrant
In the noon day sun, it makes me sing

I understand there may be grief
And there may be pain
But I'm aware You blind the darkness
With Who You are


Its my life said...

wow very nice song and the lyrics too is awesome. Loved watching the video as well. Keep sharing more like these.. Please do visit my blog and leave your valuable comments as well. thank you...

Jac said...

Nice song! Btw an award for you here

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