Questions In My Head

My baby is now 1 month old and so far she is happy and healthy. But me and my husband are still adjusting to the new responsibility. I am the youngest in the family so I am not used to taking care of someone so young. At first I am afraid to carry my baby as she seems so tiny and delicate especially because I am still recuperating from the caesarian operation.

Aside from that, I guess the way of taking care of the baby has changed a lot since I was little. This is because most of the time, what the doctors says and what my aunt and my mom says contradicts and sometimes I am confused on who should I listen to. Of course, most of the time I would listen to the doctor but I also consider what my elders say.

I am a feeling a little sad now and I hate it. This is because sometimes I feel like I am so inadequate as a mother and I am afraid that everything I do is wrong. I feel a little unsure f everything and there are times when I feel neglected too. I hope that I snap out of this blue mood soon so I can be a good mother to my daughter. I want her to grow up healthy, happy and surrounded with so much love. I pray that God will help me achieve this aim.


Leah said...

Hi Mabel, I know how you're feeling right now, you could be so overwhelmed by the adjustments and everything, just take it one day at a time, you'll be ok. My prayers are with you and your family ... take care friend.

By the way, thnx for the award, my 1st ever! God Bless!

Dee said...

Ok lang iyan, Mabel. Just take it easy - that's just a phase. You are adjusting so medyo nakaka-overwhelm, but it'll soon pass. Just give it time, and in no time, you'll learn everything that needs to be learned. Ganiyan din ako dati. I had my baby when I was so young and medyo nakaka-overwhelm talaga. Take care and God bless! :)

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