Being a Mom Is the Best Job in the World

For a week now, I am busy taking care of my daughter full time. My aunt who used to help us take care of Sophie had to go back to her family and as of now we are still in the process of finding a nanny.

If I used to be so afraid to be left alone with my baby, I guess after a week I can say that I am slowly getting used to it. I now know how to change her diaper and clothes, how to properly hold her and how to make her burp. The only thing I am afraid to do alone is giving my baby a bath. Fortunately my other aunt is there to help me in this one.

I am also getting used tp my baby’s daily routine. In the morning after feeding her, we would expose her to morning sunlight for a few minutes then I would give her her vitamins. After that she would sleep a little for about an hour and when she wakes up, it’s time to give her a bath. Sometimes she would poop around this time too. After a bath it’s time for a feeding again and then she would fall asleep for an average of 3 hours. When she wakes up, she is sure to be hungry so I would make sure her milk is ready. At times she would again poop so I would change her diaper and sometimes change her clothes.

She would sometimes go back to sleep but most of the time, she would stay awake and until the time when my husband comes home from work which is around 6pm. I would hold her, play with her, talk and sing to her softly.

I enjoy taking care of my baby though it can be very tiring. I find time to relax and rest when my daughter is asleep. I would sleep watch tv, read a book or listen to music.

I now fully realize the true meaning when one says that being a mother is a 24-hour task. It is a job that requires your full attention and energy. But I am also realizing that being a mom is indeed the most rewarding job in the world. My reward after a tiring day--- when my daughter gives a satisfied look then smiles sweetly. All of my tiredness seems to go away and I feel recharged!


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