Movies I Missed

For some reason, I am in the mood for reminiscing lately and suddenly I wanyt to watch old movies- movies that remind me of my childhood. Now that I have a child, I am thinking that I want to watch the movies of my childhood with my daughter someday. These are some of the movies which is a biog part of my childhood

Alice in Wonderland

This is the first movie that I ever saw in a betamax during the 80’s-- haha guess my age. I watched this film with my cousins and I love the part when Alice grew so large and cried. I find Alice so gorgeous then and until now.

Beauty and The Beast

I fell in love with this Disney movie that I watched in a cinema (again with my cousins and sisters). I enjoyed every bit of the story and I find Beast adorable. Would you believe that I even find Beast look more handsome than the Prince look when he transformed.

Never Ending Story

Another movie that I watched in a betamax as a child. I think it started my interest in books and reading. As a child, I am always imagining that the characters in the books I read are real. I find the Childlike Princess so beautiful!

Sound of Music

Again, another movie I saw in a betamax and this made me wish I can sing really well. Love al the songs in the movie though it is very long for me. I always end up sleeping before its over so I am not so young already when I saw the ending of this one ( laughs) The So long farewell scene is my favorite part of the movie.


Dee said...

I love Beauty and the Beast too. :)

Toothfairy said...

oh I just loved beauty and the beast! and the little mermaid... :P


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