A Piece Of Me This Month

Notes from the Tooth Fairy started a new game last Nov 1 called A Piece Of Me. Bloggers who want to participate needs to share a piece of herself every first Sunday of the month by answering five questions. I find it such a neat game so I am joining it. For this month here’s my entry:

This month....

I like: to open a savings account for my baby as well as buy additional items she needs like clothes and accessories. For myself, I need to go to the salon for a haircut, hot oil treatment and a manicure and pedicure.

I don't like: post natal depression. I guess I am having one lately, because there are times when I would just cry because I feel ugly, inadequate as a mom, etc.

I want you to know:
that I am trying my very best to be a good wife to my husband and a good mother to my daughter. It’s not so easy because it requires lots of sacrifice. But I know that however hard it may be, it is worth it.

I've planned:
to go back to work next month.

I want to say to someone special:
To my Husband- thank you for the understanding and patience and I am sorry if I can be real cruel sometimes. For a first time dad, you are really doing great!

If you also want to participate in this game, click here!.


Toothfairy said...

Thanks for joining my little game, I hope you get over your depression soon, as your family needs you! I guess it's hard, though I'm not married or a mother yet, but I understand what hard work it must be.


r u s s said...

Goodluck with work next month dear.Ü And I'm sure you'll be a good wife & mother. You really seem to be a nice person. Take care girl. Hopping from TOOTHFAIRY's blog. Got my post right here

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