Bonding Time With My Officemates

Our Christmas party at the office last month was held at the World Music Room KTV Bar at Greenhills. We wanted to unwind, bond and have some fun that night and we surely got what wanted. We went there around 7pm of December 22 and the package we got was for four hours.

I find that time refreshing because since I got married I quite of drifted off with my officemates and spend less time in the office so that bonding moment helps me reconnect with them. Anyway the KTV bar is a nice place and perfect for intimate gatherings – good thing that our company only has a few employees.

Their videoke was a little hard to operate though so we even had to call one of the crew to help us out. Their food was buffet but honestly, it seems bitin and its not so yummy either.

Anyway what matters is that we all had a great time- everybody had a chance to sing and there was even a group singing contest. That was the first time since I started working for that company. My group sang a Christmas medley which is really corny but in spite of that, we won (laughs)! It truly was a great night!

A Busy Saturday

It’s a weekend and people are supposed to take this day easy but my family is very busy today. Morning was hectic because my husband and my mom both have to go somewhere to take care of important matters. I was left in the house and took care of my daughter. I also have to make sure that me and baby is ready when my husband arrived at 2pm because we are scheduled to go to the hospital for Sophie’s checkup. She was given the 5 in 1 vaccine today. I am always a little anxious during immunizations because it is hard to see my daughter in pain even if I know it is good for her- but you khow what’s amazing?? My baby did not cry! I am surprised and happy because she is a brave baby!

This is a busy day and I am tired but I am still grateful because I feel so accomplished. As I wrote his my husband and baby is asleep and as I look at them, I feel the love I have for them – they are my life. . Now that I am mommy, I guess I have to get used to lots of busy weekends- and I have no regrets.

Savings for My Daughter

Like most parents, one of my goals is to secure my baby’s future. So last month in the midst of the Christmas rush, my husband and I went to the BDO branch at the SM Megamall and opened a Junior Saver’s Account for her. I had contemplated Metrobank Fun Savers Club because of the freebies like educational insurance but I chose BDO over other banks because their branches at the mall are open until 7 pm and even on weekends. The extended banking hours makes bank visit very convenient for people who are working.

It will be hard for me to maintain the account with other banks that closes at 3pm. My husband and I plan to deposit an extra amount each month. This is my first little step in securing my baby’s future.

For those who also want to open a savings account for their children, here are the requirements:

Initial deposit, maintaining balance and required amount to earn interest: Php500 but for those whose initial deposit is Php 2000 will get a discount card. It can be used in SM Department Store, Toy Kingdom, Baby Company, etc. We still don’t have his card though because it takes about one month before it is released.

Documents: Birth certificate of the child and 2 valid ID’s of the signatory parent.

Sophie at Mall of Asia

Sophie had a cough before she turned three months old and it was really stressful for me to see her sick. Aside from the steam inhalation or vaporizer, she still can’t take any medicine because she is still too small. My aunt suggested eucalyptus oil which Sophie can inhale by just dabbing a few drops on her shirt.

I did not use it because I personally don’t like the smell. It was much too strong for me. My mother said that we should bring her near the ocean so she can breathe the air from the sea which supposedly has healing properties. So one morning we brought her to the bay area of the SM Mall of Asia We were a little early because the bay area is still closed when we arrived. It opened around 6 am and going there was a good idea because it was such a nice place for the whole family.

There are groups of people exercising together, there are also some rides and play booths for children. The only flaw is that there are only two stalls that sell food and its only fries and hotdogs- not really for breakfast, not healthy and a little pricey. That is probably because most people brought their own food there.

Anyway it was a bonding time for us. This simple activity relaxed all of us and left us feeling refreshed. Here are some of the pictures from that beautiful morning

My 2010 New Year’s Resolutions

I have so many resolutions but let me share some of them now. I am making my resolutions known to the public so that I will be more obliged to keep them. Some people don’t make resolutions because they said they only tend to break them. I say: make them anyway- at least think of the things that will help you make your life better and resolve to apply it in your life. Maybe if you keep on making resolutions, there will come a time when you will be able to really keep it.

Here are my resolutions:

I want to be more gentle, patient and kind to my husband
(does it makes me seem like a monster wife haha). Well it’s because I think I have not been a very good wife last year as there are times when I am so irritable ( due to my pregnancy I guess) and I tend to vent it out on him.

I want to be a more diligent blogger.
I need to update my blog regularly and think of ways on how can I improve or promote it more.

I want to read more books.
Finding time to read books is a challenge nowadays. I have a number of books in my shelf (others are gifts, some I bought, others borrowed) which I still haven’t read. I want to find the time to read them all before the year ends

I want to go to mass regularly with my family.
I hope this one will be a breeze. I believe we have neglected our Christian duties last year and I am not so proud of them. We constantly need God’s guidance and protection and to show our gratefulness for all the blessings so it is a must for me.

You know I do make some resolution every year but don’t really take them seriously. This time, I am making one with the intention of keeping it. It is so so hard to keep a resolution so I am prepared to commit mistakes and stumble along the way. From time to time, throughout the year, I will go back to this post to remind myself of my promise.

Poem and Pictures

You are our angel
A gift from God above
The best and the finest
I have ever received

Your smiles and giggles
Are treasures from the heart
My sweet precious child
The love of my life

Happy Happpy New Year!!!

I hope it is still not too late for me to greet everyone a Happy New Year. I am starting the year with fresh new outlook and high hopes. I am looking forward to a new year to be filled with good memories!

Explaining My Long Absence

I admit. I really have something to be guilty about! I can’t believe that I have neglected my blog for almost two months. What a shame! You see I have really been so busy and I also have to deal with terrible internet connection.

From the time that my maternity leave ended and I started working again, it seems like I always wanted to update my blog but alas there is always something that gets in the way. Like office work that needs to be done, baby stuff that Sophie needs, gifts that needs to be wrapped, some major decisions that I need to think about, part time work with a deadline, etc, etc, etc. I really really apologize for not being able to post a Merry Christmas greeting (makes me feel like a pagan).

I really had to juggle being a mom, wife and a career woman and it’s not so easy. But now more than a month after I went back to work and the holiday season is over, I seem to be getting the hang of it. I am now ready to get this blog running again. So I m back to the blogging world and I promise to be more diligent with my blog updates!

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