Bonding Time With My Officemates

Our Christmas party at the office last month was held at the World Music Room KTV Bar at Greenhills. We wanted to unwind, bond and have some fun that night and we surely got what wanted. We went there around 7pm of December 22 and the package we got was for four hours.

I find that time refreshing because since I got married I quite of drifted off with my officemates and spend less time in the office so that bonding moment helps me reconnect with them. Anyway the KTV bar is a nice place and perfect for intimate gatherings – good thing that our company only has a few employees.

Their videoke was a little hard to operate though so we even had to call one of the crew to help us out. Their food was buffet but honestly, it seems bitin and its not so yummy either.

Anyway what matters is that we all had a great time- everybody had a chance to sing and there was even a group singing contest. That was the first time since I started working for that company. My group sang a Christmas medley which is really corny but in spite of that, we won (laughs)! It truly was a great night!


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